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Established in 2000, Foothills Physical Therapy is an orthopedic practice in the Horseshoe Pond area of north Concord located in the historic Page Belting building. Foothills was founded by five physical therapists who wanted to open an independent practice that would maintain high quality, individualized and patient-centered care.

Cappies Award LogoOur goal is the prevention and successful treatment of our client’s physical limitations and the promotion of their self-care skills for optimal health and wellness throughout life.

We firmly believe in a collaborative relationship with our clients and in their ability to participate in their recovery process. Our hallmark is one-to-one care provided in a friendly and professional atmosphere.

We're proud to have been voted the "Best Physical Therapists" in the Concord area three years in a row, from 20011 to 2013, for Capital Area People's Preference Awards!!

Sign"My experience here is so healing and uplifting. I leave feeling like a younger stronger version of myself!" - Anonymous

"The Foothills PT people have helped me so much. I am greeted by friendly office staff who keep appointments straight and send me reminders on email. I look forward to the brick walls with art and quilts on them and a terrific photo of Horseshoe Pond in the waiting room. When a joint hurts, or after my big car accident, I got a thorough eval. Their approach is to get at the root of the problem with healing hands that relax overburdened muscles and a regime of just the right exercises to increase strength. Despite an aging body, Foothills has enabled me to live an active life, pretty much free from pain."

"Your service is top notch and your compassion is unparalleled. Maggie is awesome!" - Betsey M.

"I love Foothills PT. All of the therapists are incredible. They treat to the patient's needs, not to just a pre-described treatment plan. I credit Brigitte for the fact that I walk normal today without a limp. I love how the therapists have different areas of expertise and will have you meet with a different therapist if they think the other therapist has more expertise in that area." - Micheline W.

"After I tore cartilage in my knee, I was a mess. My surgeon fixed the knee. But it was Foothills that truly healed me. By working with my therapist Carol Wong, I gained an understanding of how my knee worked, and together she and I worked to get not only my knee, but my whole body, back to normal. The tone of everyone at Foothills is so respectful and welcoming. They gave me the tools to make myself better---and, now that my rehab is over, I'll continue to apply the lessons learned there for years to come. Thank you!!" - Alan C.

"Carol, Brigitte, Melissa and the entire gang at Foothills: Allow me to extend my deep appreciation for the personal attention I received at Foothills during my physical rehabilitation. What I thought was going to be a brief recovery after my auto accident on June 3rd, 2011 was anything but. The year-long therapy has centered on my neck and spine. With pain, you soon learn that every body muscle is connected to one another! The professionals at Foothills speak a language that is easily interpreted and made me feel comfortable at every appointment. Thanks so much and keep up the good work." - Jack F. Staff

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